How I improve my performance with a perfect night’s sleep in collaboration with Leesa


Believe it or not, investing in a good quality mattress is the first step towards improving your performance. Research shows that good sleep helps us to learn more efficiently and improve our concentration levels; furthermore it helps to improve our memories, which is essential for learning new information. Whether you’re working in the office everyday, making the daily school-runs, attending lectures or even organising your home, good sleep will always play a vital role in your ability to execute these activities.

Personally I need between 7-8 hours of sleep each night, any less and I feel irritated and bad tempered throughout the day but ironically any more than needed and I feel lazy and lethargic all day (just call me goldilocks)! My daily routine usually consists of driving around Central London attending events and meetings, which means I have to be alert and extremely vigilant on the roads. I shoot campaigns every week, meaning I always need to absorb new information and keep on top of my workload. Last but not least, I’m a creative, therefore content ideation and creation is a key aspect in my routine and requires immense deliberation. None of which would be possible without a good night’s sleep.

So once you’ve established you need a better night’s sleep, what’s next? Finding the right mattress! When it comes to choosing a mattress this is definitely not an area where you should be looking to cut costs. Yes some mattresses tend to be quite pricey but think of it as making a long-term investment in yourself.

Selecting the right mattress is a huge ordeal for me! I have osteoporosis in my lower spine meaning I have very low bone density. I’ve always struggled to find a good mattress. I remember when I was a teenager, my mum kindly ordered a new mattress for me (the brand shall remain undisclosed) and within 24 hours I was hospitalized with severe lower back pain! Needless to say we got our money-back! I have to prioritise quality and comfort above everything else, which is why I opted for a Leesa mattress. The Leesa mattresses are created with 3 layers of foam to adjust to your body to provide optimum support and comfort. They also provide support and pressure relief to help your body rest and recover (which is a god-send for anyone that works full-time)!


I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress for a few weeks now and I cannot praise it enough. Initially I was a little concerned as the mattress is softer than what I would usually go for (that’s what 30 years of sleeping on a rock-hard hospital bed does to you) however, I was pleasantly surprised at how well my body adapted to it. The delivery process was extremely simple and user-friendly, I ordered my mattress 2 weeks before Christmas and it literally arrived in 2 days. Thankfully the unboxing process was very easy with clear and simple instructions to follow, in-fact I have never seen a vacuum packed mattress in my life! The mattress comes rolled up in ball, which you then place on top of your bedframe and as you begin to unwrap the inner seal, the rolled up mattress expands into a fully functional mattress in a few hours.


Not only do Leesa manufacture comfortable mattresses, they are also heavily involved in charity work. They have created a donation programme called One-Ten where they donate one mattress for every 10 they sell, whilst also donating their time and resources to help support local and national organisations.

Will you be investing in a perfect night’s sleep in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post was created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided me a Leesa mattress for review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own.