My Pamper Session at Shumaila’s Beauty


Happy Monday loves!

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, I’ve been incredibly sick with laryngitis and completely lost my voice, not to mention busy planning my birthday. So when I was offered a pamper session at Shumaila’s beauty, it was perfect timing!

With several branches located across London, Shumaila’s offers an array of beauty treatments for both men and women. I visited the Chigwell branch, located in the heart of Essex. Everything from hair removal, massages, hair styling and even dermal fillers can be done here. I opted for eyelash extensions and reflexology. The staff members were incredibly friendly and gave me a warm welcome. I was given a full summary of each treatment before it commenced so I knew what to expect.

Eyelash Extensions

If you’re obsessed with the beauty community like I am you’ll know that eyelash extensions have been on trend for the past few years now. I’ve heard so much hype about eyelash extensions within the blogging community I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. With so many treatments available (LVL, Noveau etc) it can become a little confusing and as it was my first experience with eyelash extensions I was recommended cluster lashes.

Cluster lashes give the appearance of fuller lashes and are more dramatic than individual eyelashes. Each cluster is joined at the root and flares out, giving a very natural doll-like appearance. I’m really happy with the results; my lashes are incredibly soft, subtle and look quite flirty. I’m used to hard, dramatic lashes so it will take some time to get used it. My beauty technician Jazz made me feel comfortable and at ease and the entire process was extremely comfortable and super quick, 10 minutes and my extensions were complete. The only negative is that this treatment only lasts for up to one week so if you need it for a night out or a weekend away then I would highly recommend it. If you’re looking for long-term results there are other treatments more suitable for this.


I first remember having reflexology in Thailand back in 2012 so I was ecstatic to find out I would be having it again at Shumailia’s. If you’re unfamiliar with reflexology it’s a therapeutic massage based on different points of your feet and legs which promotes better health (literally perfect for me). My masseuse Kristen completely blew me away with her insightful knowledge about my health. She picked up all my major health issues based on my feet alone. She recognised I suffered from lower back pain, I had digestion issues and my lungs were severely congested – all this personal information based on different points of my feet. Incredible!

The treatment room was clean, quaint, spacious and even had mood lighting. I was so relaxed, I even fell asleep a couple of times.

If you’re based in London or Essex I would highly recommend visiting Shumaila’s Beauty Salon next time you want a pamper session. They have a selection of special offer’s at the moment including:

  • A skin brightening facial for £40 (saving £5)
  • A facial with full body massage for £50
  • Underarm laser trial session for £30
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    Great post!

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  • Amy Ann Arnold

    Yay for a pamper session! I have always wanted lash extensions.

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    It looks like an amazing session! Your lash extensions look perfect!
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    That looks great! They have a branch only a bus ride away so I’ll check them out soon.