Why Young Women Shouldn’t be Scared of Entering their 30’s


Happy Monday loves.

To celebrate my upcoming birthday on Wednesday (29th March), I wanted to share a few personal life experiences and address all these stupid myths we hear about non-stop. If you think getting older is about body parts going down south and adapting your wardrobe to appropriate clothing then think again! I mean have you seen the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Those women are sexy and fabulous!

Remember when you’re about to enter your 20’s and you start setting all these absurd unrealistic goals you have to achieve before you turn 30? I need to be married (or at least engaged), I need a house, my dream career, a Range Rover, a designer wardrobe and at least one child. Well let me tell you in reality you’ll be lucky if you even achieve one of them by the time you reach 30. I’m not being a debby downer, I’m just being real. However, it’s not all doom and gloom there are certain attributes that naturally come with age and I have listed a few below.

Financial Security

I’m not claiming to be a millionaire (far from it) but earning a full time wage does give you a small amount financial comfort and stability. No more begging your parents for money, loaning money from friends or drooling over items you wish you could afford. Of course people in their 20’s have full time jobs but by the time you hit 30 you’ve probably got a reasonable amount of savings to purchase something major or be secure enough to have a temporary career break.

Enhanced Confidence

Ever since turning 30 my confidence has gone through the roof! Maybe it’s because 99% of the population thinks I’m 18, maybe it’s because I get I’D’d for alcohol every weekend or maybe it’s because the older I get the more attention I receive from men? Honestly I think the real reason is down to finally being secure with who you are. I feel like when you’re in your 20’s you’re constantly trying to please people and change yourself to fit into certain crowds or trying to be that person your partner wants you to be. Physical and mental security is a huge part of turning 30 and enhances your confidence without you even realising. Small things such as knowing what looks good and what doesn’t look good on you, establishing your style, what hairstyle suits you the most, how to apply your make-up like a pro etc. I know for a fact that I look and feel 10x better now than I did when I was 20 so therefore age really does equal beauty.

No Fucks Given

‘Fuck up some commas’ by Future is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this topic. As you get older you start to realise that life is way too short to tolerate bullshit. You start caring less about what people think of you and as harsh as it sounds also caring less about certain people’s feelings. You also develop a tone of voice and become a lot more vocal about your opinions regardless if people will take offence or not. I discovered this last year whilst working at Farfetch. Enough said. In my 20’s I was always so rigid and uptight when it comes to my career and relationships and now I’ve hit my 30’s I honestly just don’t give a fuck. Ironically I think age definitely makes you more carefree and less uptight because you realise life is far too short.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room – Marriage and Kids!

So you think you get asked when you’re going to get married and have kids in your 20’s? Well wait until you hit 30! There’s not a week that goes by without some random idiot asking me this tiresome question. Honestly why does society put so much pressure on women to start a family by a certain age? We’re all aware we have a biological clock so there’s no need to remind us. Society needs to realise that times have changed, we’re no longer living in the days when men courted women and women got married at 14. We’re living in the age of Tinder, relationships are more complicated and unpredictable, plus women want to focus on their careers, not popping out babies. So if you find yourself in your 40’s and still childless who the fuck cares? There’s women around the world having their first child in their 50’s (hello Janet Jackson!) and there’s even women giving birth in India in their 70’s. The point is you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and that includes having kids!

So ladies you need to stop fearing age and start embracing age! And if you need any inspiration, just look at my baby face! 😉

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  • http://www.straightastyleblog.com/ Amy Ann Arnold

    Great post. I definitely agree that so far I am loving my 30s. I feel more confident in who I am. Looving amazing!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      I’m glad we’re on the same page, thanks Amy! <3

  • Nina

    You are absolutely right about everything. Before I got married I was tired of listening the questions from people about when I was getting married __ it was so annoying.

    Nina’s Style Blog

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      It’s extremely annoying but hey at least you’ve accomplished marriage now! 🙂

  • Kate

    I hope to have a good chunk of savings by the time I’m 30

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      I’m sure you will Kate! 😉

  • Jane Fitfabfun

    Love this post! While I’m now enjoying my 40s, and looking back, 30s are golden years for both career and family accomplishments! Enjoy!
    xo, Jane

  • Ellie Adams

    Yes girl I absolutely LOVED this, one of my fave posts of yours! I love how confident and carefree you are, so you should be too. Age is just a number, you are a total babe!