Finding the Right Balance


Happy Monday loves!

Get prepared for a pointless, whiny, rambly blog post today…

As some of you may have noticed, I have been seriously slacking on my blog recently. I told you guys I reduced my working hours back in September thinking I would have much more time to create content on my blog and YouTube channel. But in reality I now have less time! The days I have off work are consumed with attending events, meetings and working with brands on set so I’ve been struggling to keep my content up to date. Not to mention on-going drama at work (neither the time or the place to discuss that). I’ve only been working part-time for two months so I’m still adjusting and trying to find a good balance.


Honestly how do full-time bloggers do it? Everyday is so busy, where do you find the time to create content? Even worse if you’re in a relationship or have a family, where do you slot them in? Luckily I’m single; otherwise this blog might be completely dead lol. I can’t suddenly start rejecting event/meeting invitations, as a small blogger I feel like it’s important for me to be present in the blogosphere, networking with fellow bloggers and new brands (plus it makes great content for Snapchat/Insta Stories).

I definitely want to continue updating my blog twice a week and have a good mixture of fashion and beauty posts. I’m not happy with my current posting schedule (Monday & Friday), I want to revert it back to Monday & Thursday, I just never find the time to create content during the week. Not to mention I want a complete revamp of my blog design. I’ve had this original design for 2 years now and I feel like it’s completely out-dated and I’m falling behind everyone else! Seriously the list could go on forever….(new blog design, new imac, new iphone, new office, new walk-in wardrobe) HELP!!! I just feel a little blah…

I haven’t even mentioned my outfit yet due to lack of motivation. Anyway, I’m wearing two of my favourite fabrics combined today, leather and lace! Once again I’m sporting another bodysuit, this time it’s a white lace bodysuit from Missguided. Perfect for the upcoming festive season. Styled with a black leather midi skirt from Mango and dressed up with my classic red soles! Definitely a look anyone could rock for any upcoming Christmas parties.


If any of you lovely guys have any tips on managing your time effectively with creating content and being present in the blogosphere, I would be forever grateful!

Photography by Pistacho Photography.

Shop the Look!

Bodysuit | Missguided

Skirt | Mango (similar here & here)

Shoes | Christian Louboutin

Handbag | Diane Von Furstenburg (similar)

  • Risum with Ameze

    I totally agree with you on what you have said, but stay motivated and finding the balance is not going to be easy but once you do it will be worthwhile, and the sacrifices and changes you have made will allow you to find the balance, do not be to hard on yourself as you are still adjusting. Great post!

    Ameze xxx

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thanks babe, you always keep me going! x