Authentic Italian Dining at Cacciari’s


Happy Thursday loves!

Last week Friday I discovered a brand new hidden gem located in the heart of Kensington. I honestly didn’t realise how many Italian restaurants were in London until I started blogging, however how many are truly authentic? If you’re searching for a true authentic Italian restaurant with good food and great atmosphere then look no further than Cacciari’s. Whether you’re on a first date or off for a family dinner, you’re going to love this place!


Located on Pembroke road, the restaurant is a little off the beaten track. I would recommend driving if you can; otherwise the closest station is West Kensington and a bit of walk. Due to the location, I feel like the restaurant has an exclusive vibe to it. It’s quite refreshing to walk into a quiet, relaxed venue as opposed to a hectic, chaotic joint where you can’t even hear yourself think.

dsc02370dsc02373dsc02383dsc02389dsc02392dsc02400dsc02394dsc02402On first impressions, it looks like a magical wonderland, with fairy lights lighting up the restaurant making it the center of attention on Pembroke Road, you literally cannot miss it! They have a bar at the front and the main restaurant is located towards the back.

dsc02398dsc02403Of course we began the night with Prosecco, what better way to start the weekend then with some bubbly?

dsc02415dsc02414dsc02411Our first course was a classic deep fried squid starter with tartar sauce whilst my friend indulged in a Burrata, cherry tomatoes and basil, however due to her Gluten intolerance the bread was replaced with a Mozzarella ball.

dsc02422dsc02416For mains I opted for a Tortellini Bolognese, an Italian classic whilst the chef kindly prepared a gluten free option just for my friend. She had gluten free spaghetti with a combination of healthy vegetables. I must say I was definitely impressed with their knowledge of food intolerances and the fact they went above and beyond to prepare suitable dishes to accommodate their customers.

dsc02431dsc02425For dessert I went for the Apple Tart, which was unfortunately the wrong choice for me as I thought it was going to be similar to a French tart, however it was more like a Crepe. Slices of apples folded into puff pastry, which sadly wasn’t really my cup of tea. If you do visit Cacciari’s I’d recommend the chocolate fondant & ice-cream as that’s the favourite dish. My friend opted for the classic fruit salad, which comprised of Kiwi, banana, blackberries and strawberries. Not only did it taste delicious but the presentation alone was appetising!

img_0801dsc02436We ended the night with some naughty cocktails as the waitress tempted us with a selection of classic cocktails to choose from. We ordered a Sex on the Beach and a Mojito to toast the end of a delicious meal.

Best of all, all the staff were Italian including the waiters, bar staff and chefs, ensuring you have an authentic Italian experience. You’ll be guaranteed delicious, indulgent Italian cuisine at Cacciari’s.

Now you’ve seen what’s on offer, go and book your meal at your nearest branch. You’ll find Cacciari’s in both West Kensington and South Kensington.