Improve your Brow Game with Benefit Cosmetics


Happy Wednesday loves!

Two months ago (wow where has the time gone) I was invited to the most amazing event on board the Good Ship Benefit for the launch of their new brow collection. This was my first ever Benefit event I attended but my god they definitely did not disappoint! The new brow collection includes 13 beautifully packaged products that claim to fix any brow dilemma. I believe 6 products are old favourites and all the rest are brand new, plus it comes in a selection of 6 shades so regardless of your skin tone, Benefit has you sorted!


I honestly can’t think of a better beauty launch than a brow collection! Benefit did a great job of tapping into the market and attempting to monopolise the hottest beauty trend – eyebrows! If there’s one thing I cannot live without it’s perfect eyebrows. Come rain or shine, regardless how I look, my brows need to be threaded and defined. Not to mention I’m partial to a strong brow, none of that natural looking stuff for me please.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a small selection of the new brow products and have been using them non-stop since receiving them. Can we also take a minute to appreciate the fun, colourful packaging that the products arrived in? Benefit really do go above and beyond with their service.



Gimme Brow

Undoubtedly the cutest product in the collection, a brow volumizing brow gel in the smallest package. Perfect for travelling with! I love the tiny brush applicator and the fact that the gel is coloured, which helps to give a little definition. However, it’s not a product I particularly need as I’m not trying to encourage hair growth on my brows. Saying that, I’ll probably give it to my mum as shes always looking to enhance her eyebrow growth.



A conditioning primer, with nutrient rich keratin and soy protein to help brows look thicker, fuller and healthier. Unlike gimme brow, this Browvo is a clear gel, which means it won’t define brows, just condition and prep them for products. Once again a product I don’t really see myself using unfortunately (my mum’s gonna love all her new brow products lol).


Goof Proof

Without a doubt my favourite product in the collection! Enough of the primers! It’s time for some real definition! Finally a product that shapes and defines brows, which is easy to use. The applicator is a lot thicker than what I’m used to but after a few attempts, I got used to it. I love that this product is double ended, one end for the applicator and the opposite end for the spoolie brush to keep your brows in place. Although this eyebrow pencil does everything, I use it as my final step to define my brows after filling them in. I highly recommend this product for anyone who loves a strong brow like me.


KA Brow

The first thought that comes to mind is how frickin cute is this packaging? The design is so creative, the brush pops out from the top, flip it over and attach it to the lid and the brush instantly becomes extended for more precision. Unscrew the gel and gently dip the brush into the gel to fill in your brows. Personally I hate gel products, whether it’s gel eyeliner or gel brow products, I find the application extremely long-winded and messy. I tend to avoid gel products as often as possible so unfortunately this isn’t a product for me. Furthermore the gel consistency will give you soft, natural looking brows, which isn’t really my cup of tea.


I can’t end this post without giving a shoutout to Brow Zings, unfortunately I didn’t receive this product in the box, however when I tested it out at the event it was by far my favourite. It’s a powder and gel combo, which gives the ultimate, most defined filled in brows ever! Powder is always my first choice, when it comes to filling in my eyebrows so I was pretty bummed when this wasn’t included in my box. Oh well, I’ll definitely purchase it soon enough!

For anyone who loves a strong brow like me, Goof Proof and Brow Zings are your best bet! For anyone who struggles with sparse, thin eyebrows then Gimme Brow and Browvo are your go-to products! All products are now available worldwide from your local Benefit counter.