Maintaining my Hair with Redken


Happy Friday loves!

As you can probably tell, I have a new hairstyle! I decided to go short for summer, I went for a classic long feathered bob and I bloody love it! It definitely feels refreshing not to have long hair weighing you down and tangling into a ball at the back of your head (#weaveproblems). However at the same time it definitely doesn’t feel or look as glamorous as long hair. Well I’m not complaining, change is always good!


As much as I love changing my look, maintaining hair extensions can be tough! The usual story is your extensions will look perfect for the first two weeks and then will slowly begin to look dull, lifeless and tangled soon after, which is why good quality hair products are a must.

Redken is a salon professional brand I’ve heard about for many years but have never been able to try them. They recently launched their new Volume collection, which I got to try and I’m certainly not disappointed.


High Rise Volume Collection

The high rise volume collection delivers a volume boosting blend of products, which create life and body at the roots. The collection includes volume-lifting shampoo, conditioner and volumizer. This new collection is conveniently perfect for my new bob as I’m always looking for new ways to add volume to the roots. Perfect for anyone with short hair!


Beach Envy Volume Collection

The beach envy volume collection delivers a texture-boosting blend of products to create amplified, loose waves with amazing body. The collection includes texturizing shampoo, conditioner and wave aid texturizing spray. For anyone who’s looking to create beach waves for the summer you’re in luck! This collection will give you the perfect look, especially if you have any upcoming summer holidays.


Diamond Oil

This is definitely the stand out product for me! I’m in love with every aspect of this product! The packaging, the colour, the scent, the texture, you name it, I love it. It’s not a part of the new volume collection as you may have noticed. It’s a heat responsive lightweight protective blow dry oil that provides hair diamond-like shine and smoothness. Best thing about this product is not only can I use it on my hair extensions but I can actually use it on my natural hair as well as it adds nourishment and moisture.


Have you tried any Redken haircare products before? What did you think?

All products c/o Redken

High Rise Volume Shampoo

High Rise Volume Conditioner

Beach Envy Volume Shampoo

Beach Envy Volume Conditioner

Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid

Diamond Oil Glow Dry

  • thefashionfolks

    Your hair looks so gorgeous, so chic with a long page for summer! Xx

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thanks so much babe! 🙂

  • thefashionfolks

    Your hair looks so gorgeous, so chic with a long page for summer! Xx

  • Amy Ann Arnold

    Your hair always looks amazing. I haven’t used Redken much, but it sounds great.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Aww thanks so much Amy, thats lovely to know! xx

  • Rachel Liwanag

    Short hair really looks good on you!

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thanks Rachel! 🙂

  • HALE

    The diamond oil sounds amazing, I’m up for anything that gives my hair more moisture!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Yes the diamond oil is a god send! Works wonders on dry hair! x

  • Hair wonderful day

    Love Redken products – especially dry shampoo, definitely the best! xx

    • Duchess of Fashion

      They work so well! 🙂

  • Violette

    Looks like great products! I should give them a try! Thank for sharing!

    • Duchess of Fashion

      You’re welcome Violette! 🙂

  • Hailey

    I always love reading about others’ hair routines! This line looks awesome. I love your hair short, by the way!


    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thanks Hailey! 🙂

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I’m a big fan of Redken, but an even bigger fan of the sister company Pureology. So good! xx

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Oooh I have to check them out! 🙂

  • Jenny Plog

    I love this product too!!!! your hair looks amazing dear!!!

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thank you Jenny! 🙂