3 Eco-Friendly Gifts that will Blow your Dad’s Mind


Happy Wednesday!

The countdown has begun ladies! No I’m not talking about Christmas (although that’s only 6 months away) I’m talking about possibly the most challenging day of the year…Father’s Day (Sunday 19th June)! As much as we all cherish our dads to bits, shopping for father’s day gifts is always a struggle. There’s only so many ties a man can own, the same applies to socks and cufflinks (we’ve all done it).

fathers day gifts

So maybe this year, you’re looking to branch out a little and buy something more personal and unique. If you’re anything like me and leave everything till the last minute, then chances are you still haven’t even thought of a gift, let alone purchased one. Which is when online retailers such as Uncommon Goods come to the rescue. Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace selling everything from anniversary gifts to gifts for men, specialising in environmentally friendly products and best of all, they ship internationally. They pride themselves on being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. They’re a fully sustainable company that only sells handmade, recycled or organic products and have never once sold an item that has ever harmed a human or animal. A great option for vegans or anyone else who has particularly strong ethical values.

  1. Personalised Whiskey Barrel

As a blogger, nothing excites me more than a personalised product. If I could, I would have everything I own personalised (not even an exaggeration). So I can imagine how excited any father would be to receive a gift like this. Best of all it’s actually usual and not something he’s going to stash away in the back of his wardrobe for the next decade. I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of Whiskey?

  1. BBQ Briefcase

You know what they say, men are the best chef’s (apparently). Well if your dad loves to cook (or even if he doesn’t) he’ ll definitely love this quirky gift. Men love a set of good tools and he can definitely put this to use every summer whilst showing off his BBQ skills.

  1. What I Love about Dad by me Book

This is probably my favourite gift of the three and one your dad will probably appreciate the most. A book of appreciation from you to him, very simple, yet very effective. It’s a chance to go down memory lane and think about all the times you’ve shared together. Definitely a priceless gift he will cherish forever.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for father’s day. If you’ve already got your gift, let me know what it is in the comments.

*This post is in collaboration with Uncommon Goods.
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