Playful Beauty with Soap & Glory


Happy Friday lovelies!

Wow my second beauty post of the week, I’m certainly on a roll! I must admit it’s been a refreshing change to receive new beauty/skincare products recently as opposed to clothing and I’ve loved experimenting with all the fun products.


I’ve been an avid customer of Soap & Glory for many years now (the hand food never leaves my handbag) a few of my favourites include the righteous butter and the flake away body scrub, however I’ve never once contemplated using their make-up products. It was a pleasant surprise when I received some new beauty products to try, the packaging is so cute and playful and I was so excited to dive right in!

pic 4pic 5pic 1

Cheek Sticks

These were definitely the best stand out products for me! I’ve never used stick products before so I had to adjust to the application and blending but I’m incredibly impressed! The love at first blush stick is a rosy peachy colour, if you have pale skin it would make a great blush colour but for me it creates the perfect highlight! The wonderbronze stick is a lovely sun-kissed shimmery colour, which is meant to be a bronzer but once again it creates a great highlight on my skin tone.

pic 6pic 7

Lip Glosses

So I’m not the biggest fan of lip glosses in general, let’s face it the main purpose of lip glosses are to plump and enhance your lips and I think we can all agree my lips are big enough! So because of this I usually stick to lipsticks. The sexy mother pucker lip gloss in plumsup is a lovely pink-nude shade for spring/summer. However my favourite is definitely the sexy mother pucker lip shine lacquer in aubergenius I love a strong bold lip colour and think the shade would be perfect for autumn/winter, plus it’s incredibly moisturising which I love!

pic 8pic 9


Unfortunately neither of the concealers was correct for my skin tone. The kick ass all is calm concealer is a green anti-blemish stick to help fight redness of the skin. The kick ass concealer is a cool 3-piece camouflage kit with 2 shades of complexion concealer and weightless transparent setting powder. Such a shame I can’t use either of them.

pic 13pic 14


I do love a good primer, for me it’s essential to have a good base underneath my foundation. The one heck of a blot primer is a smooth silky gel based formula, which aims at minimizing pores and controls shine. It’s not the best primer on the market but it certainly does the job!

pic 10


The smoulder kohl in black is a staple eyeliner that every girl needs. I’ve used a lot of eyeliners in the past and I can tell the difference between good quality and poor quality. This eyeliner has the softest and smoothest application ever, it’s very comparable to my MAC feline eyeliner (my all time favourite). The one thing my MAC eyeliner doesn’t have is an attached sharpener at the end, making it not only useable but practical too.

pic 11

Eyebrow Gel

The archery volu-boost brow gel is great if you like subtle eyebrows. As you can probably tell I like very strong statement brows so this product doesn’t do my brows justice unfortunately. However it’s great for adding finishing touches to your brows to help them stay in place all day.

pic 12

What are your thoughts on Soap and Glory beauty? Will you be exploring the collection soon?

All products c/o Soap and Glory

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Love at first blush stick

Wonderbronze stick

Archery volu-boost

Kick ass all is calm concealer

Kick ass concealer

One heck of a blot primer

Smoulder kohl

Sexy mother pucker lip gloss

Sexy mother pucker lip shine lacquer

  • Natasha Todd

    These all look amazing! I love Soap and Glory but I’ve never tried much of their makeup range! Think I’ll be giving them a try after reading this! x

    Tash |

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Neither had I up until now but it’s definitely worth it Natasha! 🙂

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Your skin is literally flawless! I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’ll be sure to check them out! Love the packaging of their make-up line!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Aww thank you so much Vanessa! Yes check them out, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. 🙂

  • Amy Ann Arnold

    So many fun products and fun packaging. I haven’t head of this brand.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Duchess of Fashion

      it’s such a cool brand Amy, I’m sure you’d love it! 🙂

    • Duchess of Fashion

      it’s such a cool brand Amy, I’m sure you’d love it! 🙂

  • Jane Fitfabfun

    These colors are so gorgeous! You makeup looks flawless!
    xo, Jane

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thank you Jane! 🙂

    • Duchess of Fashion

      Thank you Jane! 🙂

  • Ellie Adams

    I absolutely love Soap and Glory makeup, amazing formulations and lovely colours too. Love that colour lip on you hun, so pretty and summery!


    • Duchess of Fashion

      This lip colour is literally my go to for SS16 now haha. x

    • Duchess of Fashion

      This lip colour is literally my go to for SS16 now haha. x

  • kelsey bang

    they have such fun packaging! cool post!

    • Duchess of Fashion

      So much fun hehe! 🙂

    • Duchess of Fashion

      So much fun hehe! 🙂