What it’s Really like Working in Luxury Fashion!


Happy Thursday everyone!

Can you remember what your dream career was as a child? Mine changed virtually everyday, one day it was a nurse, the next it was a microbiologist and then it would be a geologist (you can tell I loved science). I never had any desire to work in fashion whatsoever, I thought it was shallow, bitchy and cut-throat.


It was only once I landed my first job in the fashion sector that I discovered what a sought-after industry it was! The reaction I receive when I tell people I work at Farfetch always makes me chuckle. Their eyes widen, jaws are dropped and they become so intrigued about the brand. Furthermore the amount of emails I receive from bloggers asking if there’s current vacancies (an email I can never get my head around as all our vacancies are listed online). Highly coveted luxury brands such as Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Luisaviaroma, Mytheresa, Mywardrobe etc are in such high demand at the moment and makes me realise just how fortunate I am everyday.

Anyway despite my little experience (10 months and counting) I thought it would be interesting to share what I’ve experienced so far and if any of the myths are true!

  • Pressurised to look stylish – of course no one puts pressure on you, if anything you put pressure on yourself. When you’re seeing stylish fashionista’s sporting the latest trends everyday you naturally start to feel pressurised to do the same. It’s important to remember it’s unnecessary to keep up with everyone all the time
  • No straight men allowed – if you’re hoping to find prince charming whilst working in fashion then think again! There’s currently one straight man on my team (my manager) and only a handful in the entire company
  • A great starting point for fashion bloggers – if you’re a new and upcoming blogger you obviously need a full-time job to support yourself, so why not secure a job in the fashion sector to help kick start your journey! It dosen’t really matter what your role is, you don’t have to a stylist or a buyer, you could even be an administrator. As long as your foot’s in the door, the connections you make throughout your career will really help your blog to grow and blossom
  • Getting Spendy – as soon as you accept any job role in fashion, the first thing you think about is transforming your wardrobe aka spending your discount like crazy and ending up on the brink of bankruptcy. Honestly it’s so easy to get sucked into all the luxe goodies your company has to offer but it’s very dangerous too! One of my many resolutions this year is too cut down the amount of shopping I do at work and safe to say so far so good. What’s the point of having a pay check if half of it is going back to the company every month!
  • A permanent gateway into fashion – once you have a luxury fashion brand (or any fashion brand) on your CV, your pretty much guaranteed to remain within the sector permanently. There’s nothing fashion brands love more than to see their competitors pop up on your CV (much like most industries) you’ll most definitely be the perfect candidate for future job roles
  • The Devil wears Prada is a myth – I’ve honestly never worked with such a kind, caring group of people in my life. Of course there might be the odd rude colleague but there’s certainly no Miranda Priestly’s in my office so don’t let the stereotypical view of the fashion industry put you off

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So there you have it! My experience of working in luxury fashion, I honestly couldn’t have wished for anything better. If any of you would like me to expand further on any of the topics mentioned or maybe how to even get into the fashion industry, please let me know.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Photography by Pistacho Photography.


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  • http://www.straightastyleblog.com/ Amy Ann Arnold

    I knew you worked in fashion, but I wasn’t sure where. Fun to learn more about you! As a fashion lover, I bet it is fun to work in the industry. I am so pleased to hear how nice everyone is. I always hoped that was true. 🙂

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      Ahh I’m so happy to hear this Amy! Thanks for always reading! <3

  • El’s Fashion Fix

    Wow! Working in the luxury fashion industry sounds amazing! I hope that you enjoy it, I can imagine that it’s so much fun! I would love to work in fashion one day :).

    I’m also loving your outfit too, your pink jumper is gorgeous!

    El xxx


  • El’s Fashion Fix

    Wow! Working in the luxury fashion industry sounds amazing! I hope that you enjoy it, I can imagine that it’s so much fun! I would love to work in fashion one day :).

    I’m also loving your outfit too, your pink jumper is gorgeous!

    El xxx


    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      If you want it, go for it El! 🙂 xoxo

  • http://www.jacquardflower.uk Jacquard Flower

    Great post! Sounds like you are loving your job! Gemma x

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      Thanks Gemma! 🙂

  • Yana Kasekamp

    Your job sounds so fun! You look amazing in your photos btw. 🙂


    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      Thank you Yana! 🙂

  • Jane Fitfabfun

    Love to know these interesting points! I can totally feel the “spendy” part…even from outside the industry! 🙂

    xo, Jane

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      Oh god feeling spendy is the worst part of the job lol! xoxo

  • Ryoichi Hirai

    What do you mean, “There’s currently one straight man on my team (my manager)”!? I’m in your team, and last time I checked, I was still a straight man! Have you never seen the way I’m constantly checking out cute / hot girls in the office??

    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      Lmao! Aww sorry Ryoichi! I will include you too lol! Aren’t you having too much fun in Japan to be reading my blog lol??? Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxo

  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Love the pop of pink!


    Mademoiselle Coconath


    • http://www.duchessoffashion.co.uk/ Duchess of Fashion

      Thanks hun! 🙂