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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I was recently sent the new Umberto Giannini Frizzi hair care range and thought I would review it on my blog today. Now lets get straight to the point, I wear a lot of weaves and wigs but knew I couldn’t test these products on false extensions. Therefore all these products were tested on my natural hair. My hair type is relaxed Afro hair, so not exactly frizzi but very dry and brittle.

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Bad Hair Day Smoothing Shampoo

I hate to start this review on a negative note but as I’m reviewing these products in the order that I use them, obviously the shampoo comes first. Unfortunately this shampoo doesn’t agree with my hair at all. It states it’s made for ‘dry, unruly hair’ yet the formula is a thin clear consistency, whereas most moisturizing shampoos have a thick white consistency. This shampoo left my hair feeling dull, course and extremely dry. Definitely a product I will NOT be repurchasing, nor do I recommend!

Price: £5.60

Make My Day Smoothing Conditioner

A lightweight creamy conditioner, which adds moisture to the hair. This is a fairly average conditioner in my opinion, nothing special about it but does the job. Due to it’s lightweight formula, it can be used daily, however because I only wash my hair weekly I have to use it in conjunction with the hair mask to get the full benefits.

Price: £5.60

Intense Recovery Mask with Argan Oil

An extremely thick moisturizing hair mask to rehydrate dry/damaged hair. I apply this in the bath/shower after I shampoo my hair, I slather it on my entire head and then put a shower cap on to seal it for 10-15 minutes. It’s great for bringing your hair back to life, I use it once a week to rehydrate my hair and add softness. Furthermore the smell is absolutely incredible, definitely one for all you fragrance lovers.

Price: £6.00 

Frizz Off Blow Dry Cream

A thick moisturizing cream you apply to damp hair to eliminate frizz. The cream itself is fairly heavy and somewhat weighs the hair down, which is fine with me but definitely a product to stay away from if you have fine texturered hair. I like applying this product from the roots to the middle of my hair to add moisture. It definitely helps straighten out my hair whilst blow-drying and leaves it sleek and moisturized. One thing I have to add is if I planned to ever wear my natural hair out I wouldn’t use this product, as it’s so heavy it would weigh it down too much and my hair wouldn’t flow nicely. However as my natural hair is always plaited underneath my weaves/wigs it’s fine.

Price: £6.00

Miracle Worker with Argan Oil

A lightweight serum with argan oil, which I apply on the ends of my damp hair. This is definitely one of my favourite products in this haircare line. It’s extremely oily and moisturizing, perfect for preventing your hair from drying out. This product would work on a variety of hair types as it’s very lightweight and helps add shine.

Price: £8.00

Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum

This lightweight serum is more or less the same as the Miracle Worker except it doesn’t contain argan oil and comes in a smaller bottle. I apply this in same way, at the ends of my hair to add moisture and shine.

Price: £6.00

Overall a great affordable hair care range with the exception of the shampoo. I don’t think these products are limited to people with frizzi/course hair, I actually think they’re very versatile meaning most hair types will benefit from usage.

Have you tried any Umberto Giannini products? What are your thoughts?

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  • bunmi

    I’ve heard of them before but honestly i love my hair and i’m always careful about the products i use. i feel like this leans more towards silkier sort of hair like weave etc but it sounds great. love your honesty on this products.

    • duchessoffashion

      I definitely think the styling products are ok for afro hair, whereas the washing/conditioning products are for soft hair like weaves as you said hun. xoxo