MAC vs Real Techniques Brushes


Today I thought I would focus on beauty or beauty tools to be specific. In my opinion it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on make-up/beauty products if you don’t have the correct tools to apply it. I’m sure you’re all aware of the hype surrounding the real techniques brushes in recent years, but with so many other brands releasing brushes such as Sigma, Zooeva etc it can become a little confusing. Well I’m going to give my 2 cents on both the classic MAC brushes and the new Real Techniques brushes.

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MAC Brushes

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Where shall I begin? My love affair with make-up started with MAC cosmetics; if it wasn’t for this brand I wouldn’t have a clue what products were suitable for me or even how to apply it. I remember attending my very first make over at the tender age of 16 and haven’t looked back since! Initially I did think MAC brushes were totally unnecessary and overpriced as I was convinced drugstore brushes would do the same job. However I slowly realised that the cheap tat I was wasting my money on in Boots/Superdrug where not up to par and eventually took the plunge by purchasing my very first MAC 182 stippling brush. From then on I became addicted and my collection started to grow. I cannot express how much I cherish and love my MAC brushes, nothing comes close in my opinion. The price point is high but remember these are high quality professional make-up brushes. They have a good selection of both synthetic and natural hair bristles, which means soft, durable, long lasting brushes. Best of all the brushes are small to medium sized making them easier to travel with compared to the bulkiness of the Real Techniques brushes. I’ve had most of my brushes for around 10 years now and they are still going strong! They will truly last you a lifetime and are worth every penny!

Star Buys: MAC 239 eye brush, 217 eye brush and 129 blush brush.


Real Techniques Brushes

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Founded by the talented Sam Chapman, a huge YouTube sensation, the brand has grown from strength to strength each year with the help of a good marketing strategy of course. I remember attending IMATS in 2011 and seeing Sam and Nikki talk about the Real Technique launch during a seminar, more excitingly I was sat behind Fleur De Force and in front of Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman lol. Anyway back to the brushes, they are an affordable alternative to the MAC brushes but I honestly have mixed feelings towards them. Some are amazing whilst others are simply MEH. The packaging is extremely vibrant and fun, I guarantee you won’t loose one lol. The brush hairs are impeccably soft and hardwearing, I’ve experienced NO shedding. The base of these brushes really irritate me, they have wide flat bases which enables them to stand upright, however this also means they don’t lay comfortably inside brush holders. Also I hate the way certain brushes are only available in multipacks, this limits the line extensively in my opinion and is the reason why I only have a very small collection. Overall these brushes have a good price point but I think they’re aimed towards a younger audience. I love the brushes I currently own bar one (the blush brush) but have no plans to extend my collection further.

Star Buys: large powder brush and expert face brush.

If you’re starting out with make-up brushes I would probably recommend the Real Techniques brushes first and working your way up to MAC brushes. However, if you’re keen on investing in professional make-up brushes or are an aspiring make-up artist then MAC is the only way to go!

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