Face of the Month: January 2015


Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

So we’re already half way through January, therefore I thought I would share the make-up products I’ve been obsessing over this month.

Jan's face

Primer: Loreal Rivtalift Magic Blur

A fairly good quality primer from my favourite high street cosmetic brand. The packaging is huge, although I don’t like the application of the bottle as I find the product squirts everywhere & doesn’t come out evenly. The actually primer does a good job though & you only need a small amount. No doubt this will last me the entire year.

Foundation: Loreal True Match

Hands down my favourite affordable foundation in the world! The colour selection is incredible and the formulation is quite light & runny, which I like. Distributes evenly and has great coverage!

Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear

A fantastic high-end concealer with excellent coverage and a huge variety of colours of all skin tones. I love the application and the thin consistency of this concealer.

Mascara: Loreal Miss Manga Punky

Loreal is my absolute favourite brand when it comes to mascaras. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the Loreal mascaras; every single one is amazing including this new launch. The formula is very wet and has a plastic brush applicator. It works wonders at lengthening my eyelashes.

Eye Shadow: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This gorgeous eye shadow pallete was featured in my 2014 favourites on YouTube. I love everything about this pallete, from the packaging to the variety of neutral colours. Not to mention the heavenly smell of cocoa every time you open the pallete.

Eyeliner: Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner

Where do I begin with this poor excuse of an eyeliner? I’ve heard mixed reviews about this product in 2014, however my verdict is a big NO NO! There’s a serious design flaw with this applicator, which is a pity because the actual gel is fairly good and extremely black. The applicator is horrendous, it’s tricky to use and makes the gel flake off into little round balls every time you use it, so it ends up being one hot mess. However I continue you use it because I paid a high price for it & I’m determined to finish it. This is definitely one product I will NEVER repurchase!

Blush: Nars Montenegro

We all know Nars are infamous for their amazing blushes. I’ve been obsessed with using this dark cream blush this month as it compliments my lipstick perfectly.

Lipstick: MAC Cyber

Speaking of lipsticks, this is a new addition to my (small) collection. I decided to go for this dark vampy shade of purple, which reminds me of the 90’s so much! So I guess I’m very much on trend. I’m still getting used to wearing it but it’s slowly growing on me.

What make-up products have you been loving this month?

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  • http://www.shoeflooze.com Natalie (aka ShoeFloozie)

    Glad I’m not the only one who was disappointed with the Benefit They’re Real liner! It was like trying to draw on your lids with a dried out felt tip pen! There was so much hype about it too.

    • duchessoffashion

      100% agree! A lot of hype over nothing! xoxo

  • http://www.lifeplus1.me V

    I use the Benefit liner and the MAC concealer as well. Isn’t that concealer the best?!? Here are a few of my favorite beauty products right now.

    Love you’re blog Eleasha!


    • duchessoffashion

      The MAC concealer is amazing hun! Thanks hun, you’re blog is amazing too, such a fun lifestyle you have! xoxo