Wild Glamour


So it’s already midweek and I cannot contain my excitement over the brand new Inbetweeners film, which gets released TODAY!!! I’m a huge fan of the series and the first film so this will definitely be the highlight of my week.

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I’ve never really been a fan of animal prints, especially as it can be easily styled wrong and you could end up looking like Kat Slater from Eastenders (unless that was the look you were going for).  To avoid coming across trashy, I’d suggest no more than one piece of animal print in any outfit (or in my case two). On the other hand animal print can look extremely sexy if styled correctly. I guess what I’m saying is this print should always be handled with caution. 😉

The dress I’m wearing was actually purchased from Primark! Believe it or not! The cut out details on each side caught my eye straight away, along with the flared leopard print skirt at the bottom. The combination of the animal print and the cut-outs makes this dress only appropriate for night time, a little too sexy for day time. 😉 I paired the dress with matching leopard print heels, which I wouldn’t usually recommend however this works really well in this example. I finalised this outfit with my faux snake-print clutch and gold jewellery.

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Dress | Primark

Necklace | Topshop

Watch | Michael Kors

Shoes | Next

Handbag | Diane Von Furstenburg