Monogram on Monogram


I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend! I had a glamorous Saturday shopping at Westfield London, before heading out to dinner with a few close friends at Takahshi.

IMG_6466 [1600x1200]

Today I have another glamorous outfit to share with you all. This vintage Fendi dress is the only high-end dress I have in my collection. My fashion philosophy is generally keep the clothes cheap and the accessories sweet. This dress was purchased for me a couple of years ago as a gift and I got a lot of use out of it as a student but haven’t worn it in a very long time. The whole dress is covered from head to toe in the iconic Fendi monogram, it’s mid length and very fitted, which makes it quite flattering. I paired this dress with my classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, which would usually be a big no no! But I actually liked the effect of both Fendi and Louis Vuitton prints against each other, it worked quite well. I finalised the outfit with a pair of black and gold strappy heels, my monogramed Burberry watch, a dainty silver necklace and silver monogramed Chanel earrings. All in all this entire outfit is monogram overload and I absolutely love it!

IMG_6457 [1600x1200]

IMG_6450 [1600x1200]

IMG_6462 [1600x1200]

IMG_6478 [1600x1200]

IMG_6508 [1600x1200]

IMG_6486 [1600x1200]

IMG_6447 [1600x1200]

Dress | Fendi

Earrings | Chanel

Necklace | Tiffany & Co

Watch | Burberry

Shoes | Steve Madden

Handbag | Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

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  • Lenya

    Loving this outfit! the dress is insanely amazing and you are very beautiful.

    • duchessoffashion

      Thats so sweet Lenya! 🙂

  • hayley

    You look amazing!! Lovely blog:) xo, Hayley

    • duchessoffashion

      Thanks again Hayley! 🙂

  • Ana

    Great!! 🙂

    • duchessoffashion